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If you go to see Star Trek XII JUST to see Benedict, please remember that most of the people around you are there to see the film, not just one actor, and are probably long time trekkies/fans of the new films.

Please refrain…

People on Tumblr have some serious urinary issues

All I know is that I have never been to space to see it for myself. I also know that the only way for me to see it is to send a camera in a balloon up there . But all camera lenses are round just like our eye balls. Anyways, who knows. Sussking claims the entire Universe is just a 3d projection of some 2d information at some black hole. Earth might really be flat, and it appear round because our senses, ie eyes, camera lenses are all round. You can certainly make square lenses. But they don’t”

Jesus christ.

There is a Society of people who still believe the earth is flat

They aren’t even joking ._.

I should REALLY learn not to add myself to a group when I only know 1 person…

Who are these people and what is going on?!