Strawberry Booty
I am the WORST Vriska

What am I even doing?

"O’m Vrosko Sorkot,

>Wink or something”


My Facebook account is really more so A RPing account so I can’t put up a lot of junk. But I doubt I would actually have anything to put on it anyway. Journal wise at least.

No, the only thing I put daily journals on like a blog is Sheezyart which PROBABLY isn’t a good thing.

<I think I should tell some of them that I have a Tumblr now since that’s just how it is>

I have been feeling very out of it as of late, meaning. I have no idea how I feel at all. Pretty much just sailing through the days zombified; not being much of an interesting conversationalist or person on the whole. Pretty much boring the shit out of anyone I talk too. Maybe it because my sleeping pattern is messed up but I’m not 100% sure about that.

If I go to bed at 9pm today can I wake up early tomorrow NOT feeling like a slug. I want to be more attentive to everything going around so I will give it a shot.