Strawberry Booty

I’ve been up for 20hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Man I feel weird. Like. I don’t know exactly how to describe it but its fantastic and depressing and giddy and tired and crazy and confused all wrapped into a tight little bundle.

And its like.

That bundle is DEEP under water so there is a lot of pressure!

I feel bad because I feel so disconnected from everything which makes it hard to talk to the people I want to talk to the way I want to.




I am worried though, I tend to start over analyzing things when I am sleep deprived and I am thinking I spend too much time with someone. THAT THEY MIGHT BE GETTING TIRED OF ME BEING AROUND?



I don’t want that to happen. ._. But also I am finding myself having trouble prying myself away from said person. Am I being obsessive? 6.6


AND NOW I AM DEAF IN ONE EAR. I listened to music too loudly! Dear lord this is intense.

Gog all mighty

3am. I really like the am time to be awake it seems.

I was asleep for about 2hours then.

Hobo comes home and tries to kick me off the couch. I won this time and he has to sleep on the love seat. But he also did a douche move and placed the fan so its only on him. Its 86 degrees.

I need water; Then I need to go back to sleep…But this heat. LAWDY.

It’s 4pm

What clock? You are obviously wrong.

It’s 4am ಥ◡ಥ;

And I am watching someone play Shadows of the Damned. Sitting on the couch uncomfortably. Wondering why I let myself stay up like this. I don’t really have a reasonable explanation.

I can TRY to sleep. It wouldn’t hurt. I think truthfully I don’t want to though. ;;;

Even though.

Absolutely nothing is going on…Thinking further it could happen to be my need to be around people. Whether that be in person or not. I am so lame for that.

Man that weird collection of bumps on my arm is annoying the piss out of me. It doesn’t hurt. But I DON’T KNOW WHAT IT IS. Me being Dani and all, can’t stand not knowing what something is when it has to do with my person.

Hrm. It just got itchy! D||||

I’ve been “writing” this thing for an hour now. I didn’t even really write anything. ._.

5am why did you come so fast?

Why am I still typing? I have nothing interesting to say. What Dani. Shut up. You are talking to yourself via. Tumblr. ಠ_ಠ

If this isn’t insanity I don’t know what is.

Ah well, you’ve always known you might be a lunatic.


Motherfucking SlenderMan ruined my plans.

Group of friends come over just to check out the MarbleHornets channel on youtube from beginning to end for god knows how many hours.

Too paranoid to sleep now. Fully awake.





My Facebook account is really more so A RPing account so I can’t put up a lot of junk. But I doubt I would actually have anything to put on it anyway. Journal wise at least.

No, the only thing I put daily journals on like a blog is Sheezyart which PROBABLY isn’t a good thing.

<I think I should tell some of them that I have a Tumblr now since that’s just how it is>

I have been feeling very out of it as of late, meaning. I have no idea how I feel at all. Pretty much just sailing through the days zombified; not being much of an interesting conversationalist or person on the whole. Pretty much boring the shit out of anyone I talk too. Maybe it because my sleeping pattern is messed up but I’m not 100% sure about that.

If I go to bed at 9pm today can I wake up early tomorrow NOT feeling like a slug. I want to be more attentive to everything going around so I will give it a shot.