Strawberry Booty

idrawboobs replied to your post: i wish i could own a seifuku, and that…

shhhhh i be youd look adorable in a seifuku

hhhhnnn #/)A(\#


lays down and stares at the ceiling i cant wait two more days for Easter candy i need peeps like right now.

i wish i could own a seifuku, and that i had a better body to fit one




You have NO idea how happy thid makes me. Beautiful black girl in seifuku with notes. Lord yes

she’s. so. CUTE!

please tell me who this is


Realistic Pokémon Series; favourite three Pokémon per type.

Phew, I’ve only done ten of these in about a year. I have so many more to go!

See my other realistic Pokémon sketches and interpretations here.

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